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Ways to make your vagina sweeter: Do these 5 food items truly make your vagina sweeter?


It’s actually great to have . This can be more magical, beautiful and amazing if done with the right partner.

However, ladies your vay-jay-jay has to be clean because being beautiful begins underneath. Don’t get it twisted, it necessarily doesn’t need to smell like a lovely field of roses. It’s a body part where a lot of stuff happens, and no one expects it to taste like cold stone ice-cream (and if they do, they shouldn’t be down there).

So below are some likely foods that *might* make your vagina taste and smell better…


Water is definitely not a food but it still deserves a spot here! While water itself might not directly lead to a vagina that smells like a nice candle, it can certainly do that indirectly. Drinking a lot of water flushes out your system, which means it basically helps to clean your vagina. It gets rid of the icky stuff, preventing infections and weird smells and tastes.


There is no scientific evidence to back this up, but some people seem actually think it’s true. Maybe it is! Honey is sweet! (Although excess sugar can make things smell bad down there, so I’m a little torn.) But please do not put honey on .


In general, dairy isn’t great when your goal is to make your vagina taste better. Dairy can actually make it worse. Yogurt, on the other hand, might help. Yogurt is full of good bacteria that your vagina needs to function happily so it can be healthy. Yogurt helps prevent infections and keeps your pH system balanced, which in turn keeps your vagina in good shape.


Have you ever heard the rumour about pineapples making your and taste awesome? Is it true? I don’t know… but a lot of people certainly vouch for it. While there is no scientific evidence that pineapples make your vagina taste great, it’s certainly possible! Pineapples are sweet and smell good, and the food you eat definitely affects your down there situation. I would never advise rubbing yourself with pineapple, but there’s no harm in eating it and then seeing what happens!


This is because celery is high in water and Vitamin C, it works wonders to reduce any bitter taste the vagina may have. Vitamin C is very effective in restoring the ecology of vaginal bacteria and promoting the growth of healthy flora. That said, if your smell or taste seem really off, drop the celery stick, skip the oral and head to the doctor. That can mean infection.

Celery, as well as parsley and wheatgrass, has high chlorophyll content. That’s believed to help sweeten the taste of semen along with just about anything else that grows and doesn’t stink.

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