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Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister (Part 3)



“Stay with me,” she whispers.

“I’m still burning up. Hold me, please,” she begs as she lies down on the bed. Yinka looks at his naked sister as she moves over to give him room to lie next to her.

“Just until you fall asleep,” he relents, lying on his back with his arms at his sides, afraid to look at her or get too close to her warm flesh.

“Yinka, the burning itch is getting worse,” She says, wrapping herself around him. “It’s inside me and it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt,” she says, stretching her leg over his thigh and rubbing her naked pussy against his hip.

“You promised to help me,” She pleads, pulling at his clothes as she humps his leg. Bisola can’t help her actions; her pussy is on fire and she has to quench it. She has no experience with this extreme wetness or the intense burning inside her aroused pussy.

As children, Yinka and Bisola were told in no uncertain terms that masturbation is a sin and they would burn in hell if they played with themselves. Bisola took this literally and has never touched herself or let anyone else touch her. Now her insides are burning hot and wet.

“Cursed be he that lieth with his sister, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother. Deuteronomy 27:22,” Yinka whispers as Bisola pulled at his trouser and he grabs her hand to stop her.

“You promised,” She cries, tears streaming down her cheeks as she slips her fingers under the waistband of his trouser. Yinka gasps when his sister’s slender fingers encircle his hard dick. He also took his parent’s warning literally and his only transgressions have been the occasional wet dream, triggered by his impure thoughts of his older sister.

“Cursed be he that lieth with his sister…” Yinka repeats, his voice shaking and his body trembling with both fear and arousal.

“Cursed be he that lieth to his sister when he promises to help her!” Bisola says, squeezing his dick while pulling at his trouser with her other hand. “Please! Please! Please! I can’t stop the burning itch!” Bisola screams in agony. Yinka can’t stand to see his sister tormented and his dick is about to burst. He pushes her onto her back and pulls his shirt over his head. Hesitating, he stares at his sister’s naked body as she spreads her legs invitingly.

“God forgive us, Bisola!” he says, tearing his trouser and positioning himself over his sister’s trembling body.

“This is a sin!” He argues, making one final attempt to dissuade her as his throbbing dick touches her wet pussy lips.

“Just do it! Do it! Hurry!” Bisola pleads, pulling her brother down onto her.

Bisola gasps when Yinka’s hard dick penetrates her opening and enters her virgin pussy. The fire is tortuous and his dick is about to provide the relief she needs. He’s barely inside her and she’s clawing at his back and moaning.

“Oh yes, Yinka!” she cries.

“More! Please! More!” she’s digging at his back and spreading her legs as wide as they’ll go.

The feeling of his sister’s pussy closing around his dick is overwhelming to Yinka. He’s never felt anything like this. He pulls back slightly and thrusts forward, trying to push his thick dick into her tight, virgin pussy. As slippery as she is, he frustratingly is still only halfway in. Pulling almost all the way out, he pushes her thighs wide open and thrusts his hips forward, pushing his dick deep inside her hot, wet hole.

Bisola is so aroused and out of control, that when her brother’s dick breaks through her virginal barrier, the pain barely registers. She squeezes him tightly and rocks along to his awkward rhythm. Their shared inexperience does not diminish the fiery pleasure that surges through their bodies.

“Ohmygod!” She screams as her brother starts pounding into her more confidently. Yinka is oblivious to anything except the tight, hot sheath enveloping his dick. His brain has shut down and he is functioning on pure animal instinct as he starts mauling his sister’s tits and kissing her lips.

“Oh Bisola!” he moans.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever…” His voice trails off as the tension builds in his balls and his breath comes in short gasps. He’s out of control, fervently slamming his dick into his sister’s wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Bisola screams as an orgasm unexpectedly rips through her body with a thunderous roar. She shakes and shivers, squeezing her pussy muscles around her brother’s dick, triggering his release. She’s never felt anything like this either.

“Aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!” Yinka groans as he thrusts one final time, shooting his first load of cum inside a woman’s pussy. His pleasure is unknowingly intensified by the fact that his heavy load is being deposited deep inside his sister’s virgin pussy.

Jerking spasmodically, he spews several smaller spurts before collapsing on her soft breasts.

Sweat-soaked and breathing heavily, they hold each other’s trembling body, with neither of them speaking or moving. Scared and exhausted, they finally fall asleep in each other’s arms; Yinka’s tired dick resting comfortably inside Bisola’s newly deflowered pussy.

Bisola wakes up first. Her brother’s naked body, entangled with hers, brings back the events of the evening before. It’s all a drug filled blur, from the party to her brother reluctantly taking her virginity. She remembers feeling blissfully content at the end of it all but can’t recall specific details.

“You awake?” Yinka asks, not opening his eyes.

“Yes,” she says quietly.

“I’m sorry,” He says, trying to disengage himself from his sister’s naked body.

“No!” Bisola blurts out. “It was all my fault… the party… I begged you… I remember!” she exclaims.

“You were drugged!” Yinka shouts. Seeing her confused look, he explains about the aphrodisiac powder.

“I should have been stronger. We’re cursed, you know,” he says quietly.

“Cursed be he that lieth with his sister, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother. Deuteronomy 27:22,” he quotes, locking eyes with her.

“I’m so sorry, Sis.” Tears are streaming down his cheeks and Bisola reaches over and pulls him to her, cradling his head against her naked breasts.

“What does that mean?” she asks, combing her fingers on his head as he cries. “To be cursed, I mean.”

“I’m not sure,” he sniffs. “I’ll have to do some research to find out what the penance is for…” he chokes back a cough, “for incest,” he breathes quietly, sniffing back tears. Bisola is holding him and stroking his back. She likes the feel of his face against her breasts and her nipples respond, pushing into his cheek.

“Yinka,” she says, hesitantly, “how did it feel, for you?” She holds his face tightly against her tight nipple as she awaits his answers. Several minutes pass before he speaks.

“Heavenly, Bisola,” he finally whispers.

“No wonder it’s the original sin and the ultimate temptation,” he laughs nervously.

“When I… um… I mean, when we… it was so… all completely consuming. It’s hard to describe.” They lie quietly for a minute.

“What about you?” he asks, shifting his cheek and noticing her hard nipples for the first time.

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