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Clitoris: Surprising signs he doesn't know how to eat it right



If your partner keeps popping his head up to ask, “Do you like that?” Trust us, he needs direction.

Below are some other interesting signs he needs help through the clitoral eating journey which is a long road to an orgasmic explosion.

1. He keeps trying to move things along to the sex part

If he just wants to switch to the part where the D enters the V which is the favourite part of a lot of people. He seems to really rush through things, like a kid rushing icecream.

2. He changes style when you are loving it

He starts moving his tongue side-to-side instead of in circles when you were actually enjoying the circling. You practically scream at him to not stop, but it’s too late and you’ve lost that loving feeling.

3. He tells you he doesn’t do it

This is a stupid reason unless he has some kind of oral sex issue. If he truly loves you, he should be able to go down on you without stress. Also, if this excuse keeps coming up, it might mean he doesn’t know how to do it and you will have to guide him through the clitoral monument.

4. If he keeps poking you in the vagina with his fingers and he’s also not comfortable

Poking never feels good, regardless of the part of the body you’re poking and he keeps bouncing around on the mattress like a fish because he can’t lie down right and it’s really taking you out of the moment.

5. He keeps asking “What do you want me to do?”

No matter how he tries t make it sound sexy like “What do you like?” But he basically looked down at your vulva like it was a nest of wires attached to a ticking time bomb and he desperately needs help.

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