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World Cup 2018: The ultimate guide to sex rules



All coaches have their own unique ways of trying to make their team successful.

But some coaches have also forced rules their players not only on-field tactics but also on their after-hours activities. According to some researchers who have found that sex is no physical damage to athletic performance, some coaches are not satisfied.

According to Quartz, they assumed teams that allowed girlfriends and wives to stay in or visit the players’ hotel rooms–as Italy has–and otherwise didn’t have an explicit ban allowed their players to have sex. Teams that put some light restrictions on sex–such as Spain and Germany, which only ban it on the night before a match–were considered to allow it.

Also, Germany coach, Joachim Low, has banned his players from having sex during this summer’s World Cup.

He doesn’t want his players’ partners ruining his preparations in Russia, with players forced to ask for special permission to see their other halves and even their children.

But they will be banned from such contact during the tournament.

Social media will also be prohibited for the likes of Mesut Ozil, Leroy Sane, Thomas Muller and Marco Reus.

According to Gazetta dello Sport, Low will, however, allow the holders to drink, to help boost team spirits, with the boss insisting: “The team is more important than the ego.”

As for Costa Rican players, they are banned from having sex until the second round or elimination.

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