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Sex: How to handle the doggy position like a pro



The doggy position is one that conveniently leaves you plenty of room to masturbate during sex.

The doggy-style sex is when the receiver is on her hands and knees, while their partner enters them through the vagina or butt from behind with a penis.

This is one of the most common positions that people do, not just in porn but in their own bedrooms also. However, some women find that penetration seems deeper in this position, which could be a plus or minus depending on what you like.

How to handle it like a pro:

Get comfortable on your hands and knees, and when you’re ready, have your partner enter you from behind while on his knees. Better still, you can find something to hold on to, like a headboard, so you get some leverage and can control how hard the thrusting is.

The superdog with prop.


Grab a vibrator or use your hand to give your clitoris some attention while whoever is behind you is busy thrusting. Or put a pillow under your pelvis and rub your way to erotic clitoral ecstasy.

And make sure you communicate if it’s too hard or too soft.

Also, there are a lot of ways to rock up doggy-style sex. Some popular modifications include the receiving partner standing and bending over a chair or table while their partner — also standing — enters from behind. You can also play with the angle of your booty up in the air to see how it affects penetration and sensation.

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