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Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister (Part 7)



Dele reaches for Lola’s head, entwining his fingers in her hair as he starts raising his ass off the bed. Their eyes meet and she pumps his dick in rapid motion with her lips wrapped around the head and her fingers stroking his balls. That’s it.

He fucks his dick into his sister-in-law’s mouth, spraying cum that she urgently gulps down while he holds her head in place. She sucks and swallows until he’s completely drained and he falls back on the bed, panting as his head hits the soft pillow.

“Oh! Lola!” he sighs,

“That was so incredible.” She’s still sucking his dick, licking the last remnants of cum off the sides.

“I enjoyed it too,” she says, crawling up beside him and wrapping her arm over his chest.

“How many times can you cum in a row?” She asks, while cuddling up to his side.

“I don’t know,” He answers honestly,

“I’ve never really had a chance to find out.”

“We’ll have to test you,” She says as she brushes her fingers through his chest hair.

“I like the way you think,” He responds, putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer to him.

“Mmmmm,” she sighs. “I think we better shower, before I fall asleep and miss dinner.”

“Yeah,” He answers, looking at the clock.

“Lola, there aren’t words to express…” She cuts him off before he can finish.

“Shhh,” she says, putting her fingers to his lips. “I know,” She whispers, “Believe me, I know.”

Leaning up, she kisses him hard on the lips. Halfway through the kiss, she swings her legs over his body and stretches out on top of him, pressing her soft breasts against his chest and grinding her pussy against his flaccid dick.

“We deserve this,” She says, breaking the kiss.

“We’ve nothing to feel guilty about.” He just nods and pulls her face back down to his. What an incredible woman!

The following evening, there’s another family dinner. It’s the first time Dele’s been in the same room with Lola and Bisola since he and Lola became lovers. He struggles to maintain his composure all through dinner, barely engaging in any conversation. As soon as he can, he heads for the quietness of the balcony. Lola joins him moments later.

“You all right?” She laughs.

“You looked as stiff as a plank in there,” She says, walking towards him but not taking out her customary cigarette.

“I’m fine,” He answers.

“Don’t you find it awkward or weird?” He asks, leaning against the railing and admiring the way her tight jeans show off her figure.

“Of course it’s awkward,” She says, stopping next to him and looking over her shoulder into the dining room window.

“You can see all four of them from here, can’t you?” She asks quietly.

“Yes,” He answers, confused by her question.

“Good,” She says, squatting down and moving over in front of him.

“Tell me if any of them start to come out here,” She says, tugging at his zipper.

“Lola!” He hisses in a whisper.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He’s nearly freaking out but his dick is already at attention. Lola’s head is below the window and Dele realizes that while he leans against the railing looking into the house, they can’t see her at all.

“This is better than a cigarette, any day,” She smiles up at him as her hand gropes around inside his zip. Manoeuvring it through his boxers, she releases his hard dick to the air. “Speaking of stiff as a plank,” she laughs and skillfully swipes her tongue across the tip of his dick.

“Oh shit!” Dele whispers.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this.” He wants to close his eyes and enjoy the feeling of Lola’s tongue swirling around his dick but he keeps them glued on his wife and in-laws, sitting around the dining room table.

Lola rapidly pumps Dele’s dick in and out of her mouth while her tongue slide all around its most sensitive areas. Dele is trying to act normal and look like nothing is going on when what he really wants to do is grab Lola’s head and fuck her warm mouth like he did yesterday.

Lola’s sexuality has been reawakened by her encounters with her brother-in-law. She loves the sensuous feel of his hard dick in her mouth and the salty taste of his cum. She would like to take her time and prolong the pleasure but she knows she better make this fast.

Her expert tongue, coupled with the risk-taking thrill of doing this out in the open, has Dele ready to shoot his cum in minutes.

“Damn, Lola!” He breathes, closing his eyes for a moment as his dick swells and Lola pumps faster. Blasting a heavy load of cum into her mouth, he opens his eyes and panics when he doesn’t see Bisola sitting at the table.

“YEEH!” he whispers, glancing all around.

“Bisola’s not there!” He hisses, trying to push Lola’s mouth away from his dick as his eyes search the room for his wife. Lola hangs on, keeping her lips around the end of his dick until the last little drop is out.

“Turn around and put it in,” Lola orders as she springs to her feet and stands next to him, blocking the view of anyone coming through the door.

“Been saving that up, have you?” she whispers, squeezing his ass cheek and licking the last bit of cum from around her mouth just as the sliding glass door opens. To innocent eyes, they look like two normal people admiring the view.

“Here they are!” Bisola says, leading her brother out onto the deck. “We always seem to lose you two,” she smiles.

“I bet you hardly missed us,” Dele says, turning around to face his wife with his trouser looking perfectly normal. He catches Lola’s eye and wipes his cheek, hoping she’ll take the hint and clean off the splash of cum clinging to her dimple. She gets it just in time as her husband walks up next to her. Gosh! that was close. Dele breathes a sigh of relief.

“Oh, I know how you feel about those discussions,” Bisola laughs as she changes the subject and asks the group how they feel about going to a holiday resort together for a week this vacation. Lola says she’s all for it, smiling at Dele and almost not noticeably raising one eyebrow.

They all agree it’s a great idea and Lola and Bisola arrange to have lunch next week to discuss the details.

At home in bed and still aroused from the impromptu blowjob at his in-law’s house, Dele thrusts his hard dick into his wife’s gel-lubricated pussy. Mentally re-experiencing the feel of Lola’s tongue swirling around his dick, he thrusts into his wife with fresh energy.

Her lack of response is blotted out by the images in his head as he recalls the two recent meeting with his sister-in-law and the taste and aroma of her aroused pussy.

Bisola doesn’t know what’s gotten into Dele lately but she’s finding it harder and harder to control herself during his passionate lovemaking. Her body is fighting her brain as her insides warm to his forceful pounding, emanating natural lubricant and unfamiliar arousal.

She tries to think of something to force her brain to respond. She focuses on their vacation and her lunch next week with Lola. As her juices ooze around her husband’s pounding dick, she holds perfectly still and wonders about Yinka and Lola’s lovemaking.

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