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Libido: 5 natural ways to boost it


Imagine your body filling with positive energy as you take in deep, energizing breaths.

You sometimes just want to have sex, but you don’t just know how to get in the mood for it.

It’s something normal and it happens to almost all of us at one point or the other. This can be due to hormonal change, stress at work, or lack of time, a lot of factors can affect our libido.

So, before you get scared and all, you can try these 5 natural libido boost below to regain your sex drive.

1. Have a positive mindset

Start taking a look at your mindset. If you have a lot of negative vibes around you or anxiety, trust us, getting horny or that sex ain’t happening. Sex is a mind thing, and you have to be fine up there before you can have great sex. So, make sure you clear your mind by meditating or other ways that work for you to get you into a sexual mood.

2. Drink green tea

Green tea is a highly condensed with a ton of antioxidants. It contains L-theanine, a natural mood enhancer. It gives you a mild sense of concentration. Also, it enhances physical wellness while giving you the caffeine boost you desperately crave. Therefore, take green tea to detoxify and relax thereby creating that libido boost you truly crave.

3. Workout regularly

Working out or exercises releases excitement chemicals in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin, all crucial elements in sexual libido. Also, when you’re working out regularly, you’re more likely to feel good about how you look, which can be a big motivator to get naked.

4. Masturbating

This is the heart of a better sex drive. It may sound illogical but involving in constant self-love can up your libido. But when you don’t engage your body in any sexual game, your vaginal and vulva muscles can shrink, making it difficult to reach climax.

5. Let your body breathe

Take time to concentrate on your body while having sex or masturbating. So, stay focused and channel that erotic energy you have inside to have a good sexual action. Don’t get so wrapped up in your head that you can’t feel anything in your genitals.

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