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Married Sex: 5 incredible reasons why it is best


Some people do actually thing married sex is boring. But trust us, it’s not. It’s actually so much fun.

You don’t have to get scared of getting pregnant when you are not ready or not getting sex when you want it. So, we promise you married sex is awesome. See reasons below.

1. Sex is available whenever you need it

If you are single and you have to resume at work by 8 am, there’s a high probability of you just sleeping off without getting down with your partner just because you have to work and also return home. However, it’s a different case when you are married. There is a guarantee of not having sex a night before work the next morning because you know you will still get it when you are back from work.

2. You are familiar with your partner’s body

They are predictable when it comes to what turns them on, and you can read their body language like the back of your hand. So, you don’t have to do too much work when trying to hit the g-spot, because you know it’s location already or trying to give him his favourite handjob.

3. You are really comfy with each other

You can get naked without being body shamed, you can talk dirty and get wild, you don’t feel embarrassed when you fart after a hot round of sex. And this because it’s for better or worse.

4. You don’t have to be scared of pregnancy

When you are married and ready to have children, you don’t have to start looking for pills and condoms because you are scared of pregnancy. You are married now and having sex now makes you really comfortable.

5. You don’t take rejection personally

When they tell you they are not in the mood to have sex, you believe them and don’t feel they are no longer attracted to you. You will know they just need to relax to get their groove back. And when they are fully loaded again, the action begins.

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