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People Without Rings: The best type of orgasms belong to single ladies!



Relationships matter, the commitment to be with your partner can be very soothing for the mind, soul and body. Moreover, the cuddles can be so good which is why this is more difficult for some people.

I really hate to be the bearer of the bad news but a new study reveals that single women have better orgasms than ladies in relationships.

Yes, that is correct. During a research at Finland’s University of Turku and Abo Akademi University that went on for seven years. The study was conducted with almost 2,200 women. They were questioned about intimate parts of their sexual life, varying from sexual satisfaction to feeling of pain during sex.

The study also evaluated Finnish women with an average age of 25, from 2006 and 2013.

It was revealed that the most variable part of a woman’s sexual life was sexual satisfaction. The orgasm also rose over the span of seven yearlong research, reports Oliver McAteer, Elite Daily.

What is quite fascinating is relationship status does affect sexual desire. The biggest increase in the ability to orgasm was found more among single women, the lowest orgasm ability was found in women who had been in the same relationship for seven years during the duration of the research.

The limitations of this study include that it cannot account for the short-term fluctuations in sexual desire. It is also possible that the respondents marked themselves higher. This study was published in the Psychological Medicine Science Journal.

The exact reason for this wasn’t accounted for in this report but the exciting prospect of being with someone you’re beginning to like might have great effect on the orgasm the lady has. Orgasm for ladies has a lot to do with the mind.

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