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Sensual Massage: 5 techniques that’ll set the mood for sex


Caressing or massaging your partner is sexy, but only if it’s done right.

We all love getting a massage. There will be times where you have to give out a sensual massage, and you need to know all the right erotic massage techniques. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Below are some sensual massage tips you can pull out of your sheath.

1. Sensual lighting

In order to give a sensual massage, the proper mood has to be set. Dim the lights in your room to give that soft ambience, then turn the lights off and light candles instead.

2. The little things matter

Make sure the room is not too warm or too cold. Aim for room temperature. Have a warm towel for your partner to lay on and even a glass of water for them to sip throughout the massage process.

3. Cool music

Add some soft music, and not a dancehall song for more mediation and relaxation music in the background. This will create a warm mood and allow your partner to actually relax which is the goal of this massage.

4. Don’t buy a cheap oil

Do not buy a cheap oil for that sensual massage. This is what’s going to be applied to their body and absorbed by their skin. Make sure the oil is natural so that they don’t have reactions.

5. Touch the erogenous zones much later

Don’t just go straight to the erogenous zones even if you are improving on your sensual massage tips. Just take it slow and work your way down other parts of their body before the erogenous zones.

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