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Total BS! 5 myths about condoms you shouldn’t believe



Some rumours are so stupid that you wonder who start them in first place, and how the person arrived at that stupid statement. Some of them have been passed around due to conspiracy theories, and sadly the education system doesn’t teach enough to nullify all of this fake information.

Here are some of these completely dishonest information that permeated the world about condoms, they were compiled by FHM.

1. Condoms don’t break easily

Condoms do break even when worn in the right way.
(Condom Depot)

If you’re among people who share sexual information easily, then you must have heard about how you’re using condom wrongly if it breaks. It turns out condoms can break even if you wear it right, but it’s not that easy. The best type of condoms are those with water-based lubricant.

2. Condoms expire

Yes, so just throw away that condom that you’ve had in your back pocket for ages now because they expire. The lifespan of a condom is for five years under the right condition. Latex type condoms that have spermicide have even shorter shelf life. Check the expiry date on the pack before use.

3. No need if it happens in the pool

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the pool, still use a condom.
(Saffire Sanchez)

Having sex inside the pool doesn’t mean the water will kill the STDs, neither will it kill sperm as well. If you plan to have sex in the pool, still strap on your condom, because the water doesn’t mean you’ll never contact STD or get someone pregnant.

4. It’s 100% effective against STDs

This can be a scary fact because that’s the purpose of the darn thing is to prevent STDs but it can only do that as much as the private part, if for example, you’re having sex with something with herpes and they’ve got a sore, you can still contact that when this open sore contacts another part of the body.

5. No need if she is menstruating

Even if she is down with sex during her menstrual period, still use a condom.

Some people believe when a woman is on her period, there is no need to use a condom. It’s not the most common period to have sex but some people do it, the point is that regardless of the period, STDs can still be transmitted but the chances of pregnancy are low, but not negligible

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