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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl: Grace follows the mallam home



“Just follow me come my house” The mallam said to Grace in thick Hausa accent

He has been showering her with gifts and professing love for her,at some point he even mentioned wanting her to marry him and now he wants her to go with him to his house, she didn’t mind fucking him but she wasn’t sure if she should, she had heard a lot of rumors about haisa men, and they use jazz to make girls fall in love with them.

He gave her a lot of gifts and she doesn’t feel any different about him maybe sex won’t be any different

“Oya make we hurry up my madam will come back early” She said

He told her to walk down the street while he closes the shop, she walked down till she couldn’t see the shop or the road to their house,she found somewhere and sat down while she waited.

After a while she saw he walked close to her and winked before walking away, she followed at a distance, they walked past shops and houses and kept taking different bends that she was beginning to feel uneasy. He stopped in front of a house and went ahead to open the door and signalled she hurry in fast.

The house looked even better from the inside, he had brown cushions and a brown center rug with a small round pillow on it, he gestures and she sat down, he left her and came back with a can drink and cup, she looked around admiring how nice his house looked with pictures of his family hanged around; he had two wives and kids.

“Sarauniya, you like my house?” He asked

She nodded as she took a sip of her drink, he joined her on the seat and she didn’t shift away, he placed his hand around her

“I fit take very good care of you” he said rubbing her shoulder.

His hands kept rubbing her shoulder before he slowly slid down to stop at the swell of her breast like testing the waters.

Grace gulped her drink and set down the cup, as she sat back up his hand landed lower on her breasts, she inhaled sharply as he squeezed gently,he shifted closer and squeezed a little harder

“You be very fine girl” he said before kissing her

The kiss was wet and sloppy but she didn’t mind, he removed her top and she reached around to unhook her bra making her breast jiggle as she removed the bra

“Kai Kai kai yarinya mai kyau” he said as he grabbed her breasts and squeezed, she pushed her Breast into him, he leaned down and took her nipples in his mouth, he sucked making suckling and groaning sounds, the way he was reacting to her was making her wet, she rubbed her thighs together as he sucked harder on her nipples, her pussy was crying for attention but the mallam was engrossed in her breast.

She reached and grabbed one of his hand and lead it to her pussy, he slipped his hands into her skirt and down into her pants, he played with her hair before he finally felt her wetness. Grace closed her legs around his fingers forcing him to slip into her wetness, two of his fingers went into her, he slid in and out,

“Small small” she whispered as he grazed her inside

He slowed down his movement, giving less attention to her breast and more to her pussy,as she got wetter he moved faster, she removed his fingers and stood up. She gestured and he removed his trouser, before he could remove his kaftan she straddled him, he held his dick upright and she sat slowly taking him in, she watched him as her pussy swallowed his dick, she took his hands and placed it on her ass before she started to move, slowly at first before she took off riding his dick like her life depended on it

“Wai wai waiyo e e e” he moaned as she bounced harder on his dick.

Her breast jiggled with her movement and she could see his eyes were fixed on them,she took one and pushed the nipple into his mouth, he sucked hard and she bounced faster, he hand on his head she moved up and down erratically

“Ya yi ya yi” he kept saying before lifting her off him

She watch as he held his dick and came all over his kaftan

He went in and after a while came out wearing his trouser,he handed her a wad of cash before kissing her. For a brief moment grace considered marrying him.

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