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Valentine Special: How about these 5 great sex position in the shower with BAE



If you’re wondering when to blow her mind, today is your day. Make it memorable for her and you as well with these you can try in the bathroom.

Although, in reality, sex in the bathroom isn’t for everybody but if it’s one of the people who like it. Here is a simple guide to help you and your partner to get you groove in the shower, according to Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan.
1. The plunger

The plunger
(Katie Buckleitner)

One of the most direct and plausible ways of having sex in the shower. Bend her over the sick, and penetrate her from behind. In a standing , if you’re up to it, you can use your hands to rub and tease her clitoris.

2. The selfie stick

Selfie Stick
(Katie Buckleitner)

This is another way to get the bathroom sink to work for your advantage, the lady stands in front of the guy while placing her feet up on the sink, the lady sticks out her ass so that the guy can easily penetrate her from behind and thrust in and out. You can also admire yourselves in the mirror above the sink if that’s what is your house.
3. The porcelain goddess

Porcelain Goddess
(Katie Buckleitner)

This works for people who have their toilet same as bathroom, the guy sits on the closed toilet with a towel over it, and the lady sits on his lap to ride him. To make it more sensational, the lady can face him, while she rides him.

4. The soapy slide

The soapy slide
(Katie Buckleitner)

Maybe you’re not so into it, but willing to give it a try, here is how you can do it. The partner can do have some ‘handsy’ action. The fingers can slip into the pussy to while the other can go up the ass crack. Just make sure your hands are clean.
5. Oral V

The Oral V
(Katie Buckleitner)

Here is one more use for the bathroom sink, allow your partner sit at the edge of the sink then you go to town on their private part with your mouth. Head in the bathroom, you can also use water stream to make it more intense, she can also bend her body so the streaming water can flow into the drain.

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